Discover Polo

With no horse riding experience, discover the challenge and excitement of learning to play polo in the safety of a fully enclosed polo arena at Gallop Hill wine and polo estate. Perfect for leisure groups and corporate teambuilding.

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Polo Courses/Clinics

We have professional polo coaches that offer wooden horse tuition, stick & ball and chukkas. We also provide horseriding training and outrides.


Gallop Hill has an impressive entourage of well-trained Polo Ponies. The horses are all expertly cared for, and are under strict veterinary and dietary supervision.


We offer 4, 6, 10 and 18 goal tournaments on nearby fields (within 30km)

Accommodation for Polo Players

Accomodation for polo players is available at the nearby Sante Winelands 5 star hotel and spa. Please contact us to book accomodation.

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